I create custom malas for you or for someone you love. After a consultation, I will meditate and access my intuition to help create a unique mala designed just for you. As a psychologist, I am in-tune to the struggles human beings encounter. If you are currently needing extra support through a life challenge, I can design and create a mala for that specific purpose. I also take requests if you are wanting specific gemstones incorporated into your mala. Each mala is infused with the mantra "Ohm Shrim" and comes with a Quan Yin or Ganesh charm (your choice!) Additionally, I use high quality gemstone stones (A - AAA), so the malas feel and look luxurious. Each mala takes about 3 hours to create, as each design is manifested through intuition and visioning. Each bead is hand-knotted one at a time with ritual and intention. I hand make each tassel from silk thread. The guru bead and tassel are are also added with a ritual and mantra. 

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